One Thing Leading To Another

We’re meeting the new in-laws to be this weekend for the first time. The parents of our youngest son’s fiancee. These are the two people who came together many years ago and brought into the world the little girl who would grow into the woman who would like the picture of our son Eryn on Tinder ,or some such dating app, and especially like the fact that his picture included a cat.

And then she swiped left or right, or whichever way you’re meant to swipe in order to say…”Mmmm…he’s a possible”. And of a course a similar process happened the other way round.

Those are just a couple of the basic happenings among the infinite multitude of happenings that had to happen for this weekend away to happen. Everything an intricate web of connections.

One Thing Leading To Another.

And the crazy thing is that today we will be adding to the chain and causing more as yet unforeseen future happenings.

It’s quite beautiful really. We are fully part of it, and yet able to appreciate it in the moment, with a sense of awe and wonder.

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