Fee's original, eclectic songs blow out of Campbeltown, Kintyre every fourth of the month.
Sometimes they take the 926 Citylink.

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quirky and enigmatic”

— Argyllshire Advertiser

This Month's Fee Comes Fourth Tune

I've been releasing a song on the fourth of every month since June 2012. Here's the latest edition FREE as a taster.

The Other Side Of Blue

The Other Side Of Blue

That's Life 

When everything is fine, we don't want change. That's normal. 

We want change when life is uncomfortable. That's survival. 

When other people want change, and we are comfortable, we resist. 

The instinct for survival will always overcome the resistance of people who are comfortable. That's history. 

If you (or I) are comfortable it might be wise to embrace change, before it's forced upon us. That's intelligent. 

Or compassionate. Or empathetic. 

We can live in our bubble, and die for a lifetime, or we can embrace our shared humanity. And live. 

That's Life.

The Fourth Gallery - By Susanna Fee