Neither music, nor life, should be a lonely journey.

And if it is, the journey can change.

Everything on this site is for the people who share a hope, however fragile, that it is possible to find a path to a kinder and friendlier world. 

But you don't know a thing about me yet. And I don't know you.   I spent far too much of my life feeling alone, and it has been a long and ongoing journey out of that. I know how much it helps to share the journey, when it's possible. It is possible. 

Perhaps some of your story matches my experience. It's nice when that happens and it's even better to share it together. Maybe we can? 
I mean it  when I say that I want my music to be about building relationships and community, in these sometimes crazy-mad times. You can find the music here, and on Bandcamp, Youtube and Spotify.

For now I'd simply like to wish you a good life and invite you to share the journey with me below. 

Love from

Sharing The Journey

This Month's "Fee Comes Fourth" Tune

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