Neither music, nor life, should be a lonely journey.

And if it is, the journey can change. 

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Fee's Homesong Blog

It Makes Me Smile 

Here’s the lyric of my latest song.

Where is it?
I put it somewhere out there
For the universe
And everyone to see

Where is it?
I’ve lost it and now I’m lonely
If I could only
Let it be

Then you walk by
With something in your hand.
You said
”I think this is yours
But if you don’t mind
I’d like to keep it for a while, coz
It Makes Me Smile
It makes me smile
It makes me smile
It makes me smile”

You found it
I put it somewhere out there
For the universe and everyone to see
You found it
Thank you for telling me
No you weren’t selling me
Any lies

So walk on by
Without a scowl or a frown,
I said.
It’s yours now,
As much as it’s mine.
I’d like you to keep it
Coz you really suit it
Yes you’ve found my smile 
You wear it with style and

It makes me smile
It makes me smile
It makes me smile
It makes me smile

Here’s my smile
Pass it on 
Pass it on
Here’s my smile
Pass it on 
Pass it on 
It makes me smile
It makes me smile
It makes me smile
It makes me smile
Here’s my smile
Pass it on 
Pass it on

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My Blindspot 

I am blind
My Blindspot
I just can’t see it.
But it’s there
Out of view
All the time.
And my blindspot
Doesn’t mind
It likes to stay hidden.
That’s why it
Tends to stay

Hey you there
Can you see
My blindspot?
Or if not
Could you help me find
It’s exact location
With your clearer vision?
It’s somewhere
All the time.

You see
Though, I’m not blind
I do have a blind spot
I hope you don’t find it
A pain.
You’d be showing me
By pointing it out.
So that I can
See clearly

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It’s Just A Question 

I’m excited about the Euro’s, which begin today. It’s a football tournament (also known as soccer, he says through gritted teeth) in case you are happily ignorant about such matters.

Yes. I’m excited about watching, on a television screen, men, many miles away, kicking a ball about. My foster son mocked me about that this morning, in the same way I tease him about actually “building” things on his computer Minecraft game.

But why is anything we value or enjoy doing, or watching, more important than something else?

Because if we are capable of finding joy in these objectively strange pastimes, perhaps we can also learn to find joy in the various activities that we see as a mere means to an end. Such as repeated physical exercise, or guitar practise, or chopping vegetables for dinner, or mowing the lawn, or…well, you get the drift.

After all, why, in all honesty, throw away any time at all in our lives upon activities we don’t enjoy?

Or, in other words, can we learn to enjoy everything?

It’s Just A Question. (To myself mainly, as always)

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Amy Amoeba 

Eric’s Dad told him, and I’m telling you.

Back when the first very basic life forms evolved, little Amy Amoeba only did one of two things. She either:

Moved away from The Bad Thing
(The thing that made her sad or frowny)

Or she moved towards
The Good Thing
(The thing that put a big fat smile on her little amoebic face)

To be fair, life is much more complex and nuanced in the twenty first century.

But still. We wouldn’t go far wrong by following Amy’s example.

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The Zebras Graze Peacefully In The Serengeti 

The Zebras Graze Peacefully In The Serengeti. Then a pride of lions attack and they flee for the lives. Perhaps one is caught. Perhaps not. But immediately after the lions have won, or given up, the Zebras immediately go back to grazing peacefully in the Serengeti.

We are not like zebras!

We are intelligent! We have an imagination! We are humans!

So, unlike the zebras, we spend our lives getting anxious about our own non-life threatening version of “lion attacks”. For days, weeks, months, and years. And, on the very rare occasions our fears materialise into reality, we spend our time reliving the horror over and over in our heads. For days, weeks, months, and years.

The Zebras must think we’re nuts.

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Half Way Through 

It comes around quicker every year.

In this case I’m speaking about the Kintyre Songwriters Festival. I’m playing tonight after a week of Mild Man Flu. Not completely over but I’m OK. And I’m looking forward to it. Not feeling nervous either, which is a new experience in itself.

But yeah, it’s clearly not coming around “quicker every year”.

That is a good old figure of speech referring, self referentially, to that sense of….well, being closer to the grave than I was when I was young, and death seemed such a long way off.

I’m writing all this with a smile on my face. I joke to my boys (inside I’m deadly serious!) that I won’t be leaving this mortal coil until I’m One Hundred and Eighteen. As I’ve just turned Fifty Nine, I’m actually only Half Way Through. Excellent! I’ve got the same amount of time left that I’ve just had, but with all those years of experience behind me.

Right … just gotta keep the ageing body on track and we’re good to go. LOL.

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Keeping Going 

This phrase stuck out from somebody else’s blog: “keeping going is a priceless gift”.

And there is no denying it. When you stop, you’ve stopped. And, yes, you can start again. But we all know how hard it is to get the momentum back.

Where we’re `”keeping going” to is not even the question really. And I’m well aware that the meme “it’s the journey not the destination” can get wearisome. But it gets wearisome precisely because we place heavy expectations on the outcome.

It really can become a joy though, if we are able to see that mere act of Keeping Going as the gift.

“Blimey, I’m alive and I’m moving….(insert the appropriate expletive of your choice here)!!!!”

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