Neither music, nor life, should be a lonely journey.

And if it is, the journey can change. 

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“Would I Lie To You?” 

So I’m giving up playing guitar and singing and writing songs. It’s a mugs game, and A.I. can do it far better now anyway. There are millions of songs out there in the universe already, and who in that universe is going to be disappointed if no more are ever written. By humans anyway. Also, it’s a constant battle to register any interest, even from people who like me and/or think that my songs demonstrate a modicum of talent. And though singing to myself is fun and therapeutic, it’s probably no more fun (or therapeutic) than watching old episodes of “Would I Lie To You?”

I am lying actually. But it’s probably true to say that variations on these themes flash through my head on occasion. In the darker moments.

And then I get an idea for another song, and the best laid plans of mice and men go belly up. I’m back on (or off???) the wagon again.

It turns out that, for better or worse, songs are my truth.

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The Kintyre Songwriters Festival 

I was in a pub for a wee open mic session. Got introduced to a fella there.

”Do you know each other?”

Well, I did recognise him.

”I know you. We were in that Feed The World video during Covid?”

”Oh aye, I mind you now”.

This was a local Christmas version of that song, which we all recorded in isolation because of the covid regulations. But I got more attention from that than I’ve ever got from one of my many original songs. In fact, I immediately got invited to play at the Co-op Christmas party off the back of it. A gig I turned down. I really wasn’t the kind of performer they thought I was.

Despite that brief glimpse of super stardom, all I really want to do is play my own songs and make my own connections with any group of people, that appreciate fresh original songs, delivered with heart and passion.

And occasionally I get those opportunities. One coming up soon if you’re in the Campbeltown area. I’m playing The Kintyre Songwriters Festival on Friday 7th June. It’s a fantastic weekend for hearing original music of all types from local artists and more well known acts.

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(It won’t feed the world but it is home made)

Four Parrots And A Three Song Pee 

Last Saturday evening I played songs at somebody else’s wonderful gig/art exhibition. While they went for a pee. Three songs in fact. That’s a full bladder in anybody’s language.

One of the songs involved a wee (sic) introductory story involving some parrots. It was a serious song, but as soon as I said the word “parrots” people started giggling. Maybe they were expecting a Monty Python sketch. I dunno. But I found it hard to keep a straight face myself. Honestly sometimes it’s hard to be taken seriously as an artist.

But, anyway, that was me last Saturday night.

Four Parrots And A Three Song Pee.

These are the moments that stay in the memory.

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ps. Sorry, no actual parrots contained within.

Humble Pie 

I’ve had kickback. So I would like to make a retraction. Apparently, not everybody has rhythm in their bones. Not so much as a foot tap in there, so they tell me. And I can only take their word for it.

Humble Pie is currently being eaten in this house.

It turns out I’m not right about everything. Dang. Some lessons hit hard.

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Rhythm Is In Our Bones 

My mum and my sister were in an “expressive” dance group at the church we attended when I was teen. Yes, it was awkward. (And don’t tell my sister I’ve mentioned this here either!)

But I wasn’t too traumatised. I’ve come to appreciate dancing in all it’s many forms. And I have been known on many occasions to “go for it” on the dance floor, after a couple of shandies. Free form expressive Dad dancing is the category I think.

It’s hard, even for the most repressed of personage, to avoid tapping their toe when a good beat starts up.

Rhythm Is In Our Bones. It will out. And even if it won’t, it wants to.

Now and then, at least, you’ve gotta let your bones have a say. Even though it takes a drop or two of the hard stuff to give them a voice.

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When nothing is working I find myself internally wanting to screa….

…sorry, got to stop myself there.



Something is working. How are these words appearing?

So? Work on Something ya numpty!

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All It Is 

Keeping things simple is harder than it looks.

Suddenly, without much effort on our part, there are tangles. Clutter. Too much of everything.

And yet 100 percent of that everything is made up of a few neurons sending messages around in our brains. That is, in fact, All It Is, as far as our own experience is concerned.

Which might not make anything easier, but it is simpler. We just need to keep an eye on what those neurons are up to.

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To Doubt Ourselves 

I’ve got a lot of admiration for the person who whole heartedly makes a Big Announcement to the world - one that changes their direction completely, and changes the perception that people have of them, sometimes for the worse.

Most of us, if we are brave enough to make the original change, will keep going along that new path once we’ve started. We may well do this simply out of a sense of embarrassment, derived from the public nature of our new journey.

And, in fact, often that is a good reason to make our Big Announcement. It helps us to commit to the path. We put ourselves in a position where the social pressure will help to keep us moving forward when uncertainty arises.

But what if the uncertainty was telling us something. What if the path does turn out to be wrong? What if it was wrong all along?

It takes particularly large cajones, and a great deal of humility, to then turn back. Kudos to those who can, when it’s the right thing to do, change their minds twice about the big decisions.

The ability To Doubt Ourselves can sometimes be our biggest gift.

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I was listening to the song of a friend yesterday, and I suddenly realised that, on this blog called HomeSONG, I really haven’t put up very much music recently.

So I’m going to start posting songs again of live performances from home. Preferably from people I know or have a connection with mostly. I’ve had a few false starts with this idea previously I know. But you gotta keep on trying huh?

I know there are a few songwriter/performers reading this blog, so don’t be shy if you’ve got a live home performance you’d like me to put up. Or a recommendation for somebody else’s song.

For the moment they’ll just be appearing on the Facebook Homesong page in a separate post to the blog post.

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“Be Still” 

One of my favourite bible verses during my christian days was this little phrase: “Be still and know that I am God”. Psalm 46 verse 10.

It was helpful because I had a very active and restless mind, and this verse helped me to slow down, to calm down, and to simply let things be. Sometimes at least.

But over the years I stopped believing in a specific “God” guy, and found my spirit lifted, far more in fact, by the simple but mysterious wonder and beautiful privilege of mere Life itself. The experience of life as we see it, is more than enough for me now. All of the conjecture and anxiety about the who’s, what’s, why’s and wherefores, a thing of the past.

I still adhere to a part of that bible verse though. A honed down version.

”Be Still”.

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