Black Isle

We’re on the Black Isle. It’s not an island. Nor black. But that’s the only real criticism. In every other respect it is lovely.

It’s our first time here. And being somewhere for the first time is always a very pleasant occurrence in life, I find. All that undiscover-ness has a special quality.

Also, the new in-laws to be are very nice. They don’t have fangs or spit fire or any of those frustrating little behaviours that can put you off people. Which is just as well, considering that we’ll be a part of each other’s extended family’s. We’re getting on very well.

Ooh, and there is chance that we might get to see dolphins, as this is one of the top places in the whole of Britain for seeing them. Even living in Kintyre, I’ve never seen one, so that would be exciting.

And that’s your travel update today.

Now back to the studio.

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