To Doubt Ourselves

I’ve got a lot of admiration for the person who whole heartedly makes a Big Announcement to the world - one that changes their direction completely, and changes the perception that people have of them, sometimes for the worse.

Most of us, if we are brave enough to make the original change, will keep going along that new path once we’ve started. We may well do this simply out of a sense of embarrassment, derived from the public nature of our new journey.

And, in fact, often that is a good reason to make our Big Announcement. It helps us to commit to the path. We put ourselves in a position where the social pressure will help to keep us moving forward when uncertainty arises.

But what if the uncertainty was telling us something. What if the path does turn out to be wrong? What if it was wrong all along?

It takes particularly large cajones, and a great deal of humility, to then turn back. Kudos to those who can, when it’s the right thing to do, change their minds twice about the big decisions.

The ability To Doubt Ourselves can sometimes be our biggest gift.

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