Comfort Zones

Was just reminded of the time, the one time, when I sang in a choir.

It was the biggest singing challenge I’ve faced. I can’t say I learnt to read music, but I learnt to read the music of the songs we were singing. And I sang in three languages. Again, just for those songs. Sadly I still can’t speak fluent Latin or Tuvaluan. My English is getting there though.

I think my biggest take away from that experience was to get more focussed, less haphazard, about singing the right notes with the right tone. Previous to this, my biggest gift to the world when singing was probably the passion, and sometimes the sheer volume, with which I sang.

But it’s obviously better to do something better. And, for me, singing in a choir, though just the once, helped me to sing better.

Testing and challenging ourselves, out-with the normal Comfort Zones, will always up our game, whatever the game might be.

ps. The accompanying photo is obviously not me playing in a choir. It’s Chris Annetts playing in Carradale!

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