The Meaning Of Life

What is the point?

Of this blog, for a start.

Well, on the one hand, does it need one?

On the other hand … could be the left hand or the right, it doesn’t really matter, but it definitely depends upon which hand you used first … as I’ve continued writing the point has become, in my mind at least, simply to look at this thing we call Life, and to see it more clearly, and to appreciate it more fully.

I can’t really put it any better than that. Sorry.

I was always the kind of dude who was looking for meaning. The Meaning Of Life. It was always out there somewhere in the distance.

But life itself was always here. With me and in me. In one sense, as far as my own experience apply’s, I am life. And the looking for its meaning was probably the main cause of any pain or suffering I experienced.

Because it seemed to be always out there in the distance. Somewhere else entirely. Something I was missing.

But, yeah, turns out it’s here. Who would have thunk it?

(Shout out to all those peeps who manage to work this simple truth out without getting all Esoteric or Spiritual or Philosophical or Theological or Born Again or Clinically Depressed).

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