Not Very Much

I gaze at the wall across from the window. It’s Not Very Much to look at.

On closer inspection however, if I sit and watch for a while, it becomes full of shapes, colours and patterns. It has a history too. And a possible future. Change the way I look at it, and suddenly I start noticing imaginary creatures and storylines.

And all of that despite the fact that I’m not a very visually orientated being.

Boredom is the state in which we wish we had something more interesting to look at or to occupy us. I’d rather not be here - the place where I actually am. I’d rather be somewhere else please.

Finding something to be “Interesting” is a task for the imagination, and it can be developed. In an age in which nearly everybody owns their very own Personal Distraction Unit … a smartphone …. it is probably becoming more important than ever to set time aside to learn to find something interesting in not very much. You never know when that particular skill might come in handy.

Best not wait till the battery is dead to practise.

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