Beautiful News

A simple book recommendation today. Beautiful News was in turn recommended to me by songwriting friend Tina Pluchino. (Thanks Tina!)

The author David McCandless dedicates his book to “all those uncelebrated millions who work quietly and steadily to make the world a better place”.

And this is a book that demonstrates, through cleverly and creatively made graphs, the areas in which the world is often heading in a pretty good direction, despite the apparent anecdotal “evidence” of almost every News programme and Social Media feed you’ve ever followed.

Usually I HATE graphs, but these are graphs that are both enjoyable to look at, and understandable. And after a little bit of time flipping through the book, I genuinely found myself feeling more optimistic about the world we live in. I wasn’t trying to. It just happened.

So thank you to the millions who are making a difference. Including you. I bet you’re one of them.

And Beautiful News is now in residence on our coffee table.

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