Winning Our Own Game

A common assumption is that the game of life is a competition.

Us against everyone and everything else. And it’s very easy to take onboard that outlook for a whole life time.

For instance, I’ve lost count of the times when I’ve felt a touch of envy and jealousy about the quality of someone else’s song, or the fact that their’s got more attention when mine was definitely better I’ll have you know (though I wouldn’t say it out loud), or because they were more prolific or…or… more anything really.

That’s a sad reflection on one of the areas where I’ve managed to waste my own head-space time in the past. And lose my own game.

Thankfully those days are now mainly in the past. These days those kind of thoughts tend to pass over like a rain threatening cloud that I refrain from rain dancing into a heavy shower.

Abstaining from deceptive comparison making is one of the most important elements needed in Winning Our Own Game. Why stack the odds against winning that game, by thinking that other people’s place on the board makes any difference to our own standing?

Or…. to put that in much simpler terms…sing your own song.

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