Three Billion

I’m back home, and here is the final song lyric I’m posting before I get back to bashing you with whatever a regular blog looks like.

One friend, Steve, a talented guitarist, has gone and brought himself a pedal steel. He brought it along with him to our get together last week. I had an idea for a song, based on the fact that 3 Billion seconds amounts to the grand old age of Ninety Three years. So we collaborated, along with Gary, and wrote a song, kinda country style, in memory of a fella like that, who had really got nothing to complain about, up until he died.

Three Billion (Fee, Jones and Carey)

He was a billionaire three times over
Given 3 billion seconds
To breathe this damn fine air
Didn’t know  when he started
He’d have 93 years 
Before he joined
The Departed

He was luckier than he knew
Had a mum and dad
That loved him from the beginning
Two strong legs, a find head of hair
Before he even got going
He was winning

He was a billionaire three times over
Had three billion reasons
To grab life by the horns
So he did, he did it good
Every one of those years
He held onto like a cowboy would

Found a wife who loved him true
They had two fine children
Who grew up to make him proud
And they had children too
When each one was born
He’d climb the hill
And sing his heart out loud

There’s nothing sad about this song
Three billion reasons to sing along
And now the time to go has come
There are only good tears left to cry

He was a billionaire three times over
3 Billion stars are Looking down from on high

So good, and so kind hearted
He left all these happy  memories
And now that he’s departed
We got 3 billion good tears to cry
He left all these
Happy  memories
We got 3 billion good tears to cry
He left all these
Happy  memories
Only 3 billion good tears left to cry

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