A Fly-By

The Heron did A Fly-By with a stick in it’s mouth, circling a couple of times before landing to renovate its nest, high up above me.

That put a smile on my face. I pass that tree where the Heron’s nest very regularly. It’s a tall tree, in a group of three or four similar, and like any tall trees they are often blasted by the wind. But, from the Heron’s point of view, very convenient, as they stand close to the sea front, where the Heron spend most of its time, standing still, always alone, watching for passing fish.

Birds are living dinosaur ancestors, and the heron, along with the cormorants, always strikes me as a very dinosaur like bird.

Seeing them flying overhead, like I did this morning, with slow flight and big wings, is like a trip back in time to watch a Pterodactyl. It’s also a trip forward in time, towards the future springtime, and the sound of young herons, up on high, calling raucously for food.

But regardless of the portents it brings, or the images it creates, most of all it is simply wonderful to be able to witness nature at first hand.

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