The Storm In The Teacup

The Storm In The Teacup

Man, it looks serious in there
Copper brown waves rising to the height of the brim
Mounting the sides of the teacup within
And threatening to flood
The surrounding area.

The sugar lump didn’t stand a chance.

Yet moments later
The ocean is calm
the sea settles
And the tea leaves

Me reflecting
Upon the forces of nature
Inside my own porcelain skull.

Frothing, seething
At some slight, or trigger
And suddenly
I’m hardly breathing
As some trivial typhoon
Stirs up the commotion
For what seem like
The longest moment in time.

Yet, if I wake up
And simply watch,
If I let things be,
If I remove the spoon

Like the tea
The waves inside me

Subside, quite quickly.

Before any innocent sugar lumps get harmed.

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