Row To Shore

Today is the fourth of the month, and on this day of every month, I religiously release a song, and have done for one hundred and forty one months in a row.

Those songs, like all our creations, all our words, are attempts to connect and communicate. And this month’s song, Row To Shore, is about that very subject.

It’s easier to stay quiet. To stay put behind our walls. To stay out there, all alone, on our little boat in the ocean.

It’s always easier to do that. And problems inevitably arise when we do try and connect, communicate, and build something more than the edifice of our own survival. It’s hard to break out, especially in a world that is looking more threatening and divided.

But, I believe, that we need to. Whatever our own particular walls, obstacles, comfort zones and blind spots are … we need to, more than ever.

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