And Breathe….

“Thanks for waiting”

That’s OK. My pleasure. Just wanting to pay my taxes. Nothing else to do, honest.

”We will be with you as soon as possible”.

”Soon as possible” in the sense of you having the perfect amount of staff available to make everybody involved as miserable as possible?

”Our call is important to you”.

And a very bemused and confused pigs grows wings (once again) and takes off like a bat out of hell into the blue, blue sky.

We all face this kind of thing regularly. Customer service is so often bottom of the list of a big companies ToDo list. And both we, and the poor customer service agent (good or bad) are the “fan” that get’s hit by the shit.

Kindness, tolerance and patience are the only useful tools here, because this is the situation, like it or not, and only innocent victims suffer when the opposite traits show their faces.

But damn, you’ve gotta hope there is a special hell (not permanent - let’s imagine an indeterminate period of “knock, knock, knocking on heaven’s door” using their own specially designed customer service preference) for the various executives out there who think that a share price, or “efficiency” or whatever other weird motivations exist in their minds, is more important than the daily life experience of actual human beings.

And Breathe….

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