From the recording Fee Comes Fourth


Mairi's leaving John, she's had enough

Now she's on the back of a bus, leaving London

She wants her life back forever, yeah

Wants her life back forever

So she's leaving London

And the phones ringing x7

Johnny Smith is trying to get through, to tell her not to do
Whatever she's planning to do
He thinks they're better together, yeah, maybe they're better together
But he can't get through

And the phones ringing x14

Mairi likes a song, it's called Alone
It's the ringtone on her phone, it's ringing on her phone
As she gets into Glasgow, as she gets into Glasgow
It's ringing on her phone

You're not alone etc
The phone's ringing etc
You're not alone

Johnny, it's over, and we'll both be better off awthagither.