From the recording Fee Comes Fourth


Grapevine, free wine, wanna know the story I can fill you in
She left, I'm down, picking up the pieces trying not to sin
I'm still hurting, most of the time it's

Grapevine, free wine, why did she leave me, what was she thinking
She'd say "I'll drive", was it all because of the drinking
I'm still wondering, most of the time it's

Shoobobadoo, Shoobobadoo, Shoobobadoo, Shoobobadoo
Shoobobadoo, Shoobobadoo...Shoo, Shoo, Shoobobadoo

Grapevine, free wine, gotta stop thinking, get myself a drink
She's out my life, keep saying that won't sink but
I'm still drowning most of the time

Feeding my infatuation, makes this situation go away again
Drinking from that ruby fountain helps me climb this mountain
Here we go again, and again, again and again and again and againanananana

Grapevine, free wine, gotta find space, time to think
Just one lifetime, I can't live it like this
Grapevine, freewine, turn back the clock but it's over
I've cried, I'v sighed, the booze didn't bring her closer
Grapevine, free wine, wanna know the ending, return to sender
She left, I'm fine, but I heard from a friend that she's on a bender

I'm still guilty, most of the time

It's shoobobadoo etc