A big welcome to readers of Jan Risher's column, Long Story Short, in The Acadiana Advocate. I was very honoured to be asked by Jan to help her write a song inspired by Clyde Burt and his parents. The tragic death of Clyde was amazingly turned into an uplifting tale because of the positive  reaction of his folks, to one of the worse things that can ever happen to a mum and dad. It speaks volumes about them. And it leaves such a lovely memory of Clyde even though we never knew him. 

I hope to do justice to the story and the song, and get a proper recording  made before too long. In the meantime you can listen below to a quickly recorded demo (my dinosaur in red ballpoint pen)  made recently in the middle of another recording session, and very soon after the song was written. 

Thank you for popping over, and much love from myself here in Scotland, to you all the way across the Atlantic in Louisiana.  It's good when we can make these connections with each other.  

David Fee