“Ooh, Look, A Squirrel”

The past can bury little grenades of anger into our psyche.

The blunt way to deal with them, when they turn up in our conscious minds, is to pull the pin and kick out at something. Like a wall. Or someone. Whom we love. Clearly this is not a good solution. Far more likely to lead to more problems and more anger. Broken toes and damaged hearts.

Of course, there are a lot of alternative punch bags that let us get things out of the system in a healthier way. But sometimes no alternative punch bags are available. And perhaps the healthiest solution is to recognise those “grenades” for what they really are:

A few neurons in our brain clicking together for a moment in time. If we wait, and usually not for very long at all, those neurons will move onto clicking together to remind us of something else entirely. Possibly something very trivial.

"Ooh, Look, A Squirrel”.

Which is just another way of saying that things happening inside our minds (and absolutely everything we experience is happening there) will move on.

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