The MOK Run

I did it once. The MOK Run. The 10km version of the yearly Mull Of Kintyre race. Personally I find walking to be a far more enjoyable and dignified pursuit than running.

Today, as more usually though, I was only watching. But, as usual I was inspired. To the point of tears in one moment. I don’t know why that is. It’s a very community orientated event in Campbeltown, with many coming to watch and support. And then the runners themselves. All ages, and sizes, and athletic abilities, and all getting a sweat on, and, let’s be honest, suffering, in order to…..?

Well, what is it all for? Not for the glory, for the vast majority. Perhaps just the simple sense of pushing themselves to the limit. And still coming out alive.

Anyway, well done to all. Particularly to our friends, regular blog reader Peter and his wife Linda Thompson. Great job guys! And thanks for stealing us some Danish Pastries from the contestants stash. ;-)

Discover Fee Singing The MOK Run

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