Sixty Eight

They say you shouldn’t reveal a woman’s age. I’m going to break that rule out of gushing pride. I know the woman in question won’t mind. Because, at the grand young age of Sixty Eight, my wife, Ineke Fee, has just swum, cycled and run from the start to finish of her first ever Triathlon.

Ineke is a force of nature. She would be the first to admit that she’s not an athlete. But give her a brick wall to get through, and she’ll be the last human being standing.

The running was always going to be the tough part. She’s got a leg issue which makes it painful. But she did it. Because doing it is what she does!

We’ve all got our brick walls to face. And there are different ways to face them. Ineke smashed hers. And that brought a tear to my eye.

Getting through, is sometimes just a case of getting up again.

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