This In Particular

I have an uneasy relationship with hype.

Maybe it’s a stiff upper lip self-deprecating Britishness kind of thing. Maybe my own personality and genes. Probably a bit of both. But it’s hard for me to do that thing which many Americans and extraverts in general seem so comfortable with:

"You’ve got to listen to this. Really proud of it. I’ve made a lot of things, but This In Particular is special”.

That isn’t really hype though is it? It could be the simple truth. But it all feels unnatural to me. I would struggle to say it about something that I have made. And almost as much if someone else said it about what I had made.

And you know what? That’s probably a cop out.

It’s basically a way of avoiding putting my neck, my owe so important reputation, on the line.

What if people hate what I’m calling “great”?

Though there is undoubtedly a form and amount of blowing-my-own-trumpet that I would never do, still, I probably need to own my own creations more. And my own feelings about them. Even if only occasionally.

Maybe I’ll give something a bit of a build-up one of these days, rather than just leave it on the doorstep and run. I probably should.

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