Words Are Potent

My apologies for a two day absence. Laid low by some unseen virus, and needing rest. But if I’m gone, I’ll be back. At least until I’m not.

The words we use to communicate are potent. But they don’t always carry the meaning we intended. Even when we’ve spoken them, or written them, as well as we can and with a pure heart, they can be misunderstood. And how often do we even manage that?

Perhaps we were mistaken to write them and should have spoken them, for instance, bringing humanity and presence and eye contact to the occasion. Or maybe we needed a little distance and should have written them at a time when our heart was calmer and our head clearer.

Words Are Potent. Especially when strong emotions or any sense of confusion is present, we are wise to -

-Take our time.
-Be slow to speak, or to write. And to decide carefully which kind of medium we choose
- Perhaps we simply need to be quiet. Or in other words…
- Shut up.

The world can live without our words, our noise, for a while. And sometimes it will be a better place as a result. There is no rush.

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