The Temple Guards

Occasionally I play an online game with various members of our dispersed family called Jackbox. It consists of a variety of creative, anarchic quizzes in which we each attempt to, well, win of course, but also to make each other laugh. Making each other laugh is probably the main aim to be honest.

We played last night, and it is always a hoot. There is much “inappropriateness”… lewd humour pushed to the limits at times. Very little of the content would find its way onto our “Best Of Us” videos.

But at the same time it feels important to have that space in our lives where we let it all hang out. Where almost anything goes and we don’t have to be too mindful of The Temple Guards, who control the traffic lights between our brains and our mouths.

I think I’m lucky to have these times with my family. I’m glad we all feel safe to laugh our heads off… at ourselves, each other, and at the absurdities of life.

I hope you have those opportunities too. The more serious things become, the more necessary that is, I think.

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