The Groundhog Days

“Desire is simply the memory of past pleasure. Fear the memory of past pain”.

I can’t say who said it, but they said it well I think.

It’s liberating and a very profound truth if you think about it…that the root of our addictions, bad habits, neuroses and anxieties are just memories from another day.

And memories drift away. All the quicker if we look at them closely with the attention that they are demanding. Those memories aren’t asking for us to do anything. They are just memories.

What happened before will never be repeated. The Groundhog Days we live will different…even if we don’t try to make them so. We can’t ever know how they will unfold, because we can’t even know how we will respond to events. Let alone what those new events will be. And they will be new, precisely because of how we respond to them.

And so…we can let the memories vanish. And again. And the blame. And just pay attention to what is actually happening now inside the amazing universe that plays itself out on the mirror of our conscious minds.

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