Mr Killjoy

Well, the nice surprise happened. It was better than nice (it wasn’t in Nice unfortunately… still in cold weather land) and certainly a surprise for the intended victim. Wonderful.

And then we move on.

We put a lot of hope in particular moments making life better overall. We might bask, for a while afterwards, in the sunshine of delight or achievement that accompanied these highlights.

And sometimes we even have to deal with disappointment. The hoped for highlight, for which we’d been planning for days, or weeks, or months, or years, may turn out to be some kind of let down.

Either way, the waiting and the hype and the moment - are all gone - in a moment. As the old proverb says: don’t throw all your stones at one egg in a basket. And you reply…”Thanks Mr Killjoy, I think I’ve got the message by now”.

Well good for you, because I need reminding daily. :-)

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