Furniture Removal Van

Fitting it all in?

We can get another something fitted into that space. I’m sure. Look, if you move that thing along there, and then put that there, I’m sure that there’s room. Just there. Look! It will fit. Honestly!”

When we moved up to Scotland twenty seven years ago we didn’t manage it. We hired a Luton Van, but the consumer age accoutrements of a family of two adults and four children couldn’t be persuaded to fit. I had to make another trip.

But life ain’t a Furniture Removal Van.

It has its constraints for sure. But it doesn’t demand that we fill it up to the gunnels. And there isn’t a bigger van available either way.

So, we can leave space. As much space as we like. Because everything we need to really live is right here with us all the time.

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