Black And White

How far do we go with our principles?

Everybody we know believes or thinks something that we disagree with. Sometimes they believe something that we COMPLETELY disagree with. To us, it is the opposite of good. In other words, bad.

Sometimes, not always, our thinking, or theirs, leads to actions. Sometimes our actions, or theirs, don’t seem to match what they or we think. We think that, because they think something that we consider “bad”, they must be doing something bad.

But that doesn’t always happen either. It can get very confusing.

It is tempting to hunker down in our sense of certainty.

Of course we always think that we’re right. Doesn’t mean we are, but we always think we are. And so do they. We couldn’t live with ourselves without maintaining these paradoxical illusions.

The Truth is, of course, out there. There is solid ground to stand on, it’s not a myth. Right and wrong, facts and fiction, all exist. But they exist in a continuously changing world. They are hard to tie down. And things are almost never quite as Black And White as they seem, to our simple brains.

So let’s keep talking. The saddest thing in the world, in my fallible opinion, is when the conversation stops because of our immovable principles.

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