All The Light We Cannot See

Somebody I love got called a Nazi today, and was then sacked from their employment by our mutual employer.

That one sentence contains a lot to be unravelled. A lot to be worked out. It’s kind of connected with what I was speaking about in yesterday’s blog. And it’s not something I’m going to speak about in this blog in any detail.

Very recently, though, I watched a four part Netflix drama - All The Light We Cannot See - a moving story, about a blind girl, her father, and a small section of the French Resistance in St. Malo at the very end of the Second World War. There was a scene in which a French prostitute was speaking with her client, a German Gestapo officer. She expressed a wish to be helped because,

“When we are liberated, the people will drag me into the street and hang me, because I slept with you”.

Something like that was said. I’m recalling the scene from memory.

And I have had pause to ponder on how far we are all prepared to go to defend, or attack for, our principles.

Because last night I too slept with an alleged Nazi.

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