A Little Bit Of Fresh Air

I’ve been in a rut for a while with my creative output.

It’s a good rut, formed by good daily and monthly habits. But when it becomes difficult to heave those cart wheels out of the well worn track, then perhaps the indents have become a little too deep.

I’m not going to change the good habits. I’m just going to try and be a bit more focussed and creative in how I frame and present my work. It will involve adding a few new habits to the routine.

The important thing is that I don’t get TOO comfortable. There is a fine line between comfort and stagnation. But I also don’t want to add unnecessary burdens that I can’t carry for long. I want to keep things simple. And continue to enjoy what I do.

When all is said and done though, A Little Bit Of Fresh Air is always welcome, at any time of year.

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