The Funk

I don’t go into The Funk that I used to on a regular basis.

But the last couple of days I did. Who knows where it comes from, but it settles, when it comes, like it never went away. In those moments, EVERYTHING seems too much. And I seem so weak and incapable in the face of it.

There were three things I could do that helped.

- Don’t push it away. Even if I can’t identify a direct cause, I acknowledge it, and let the tears come if necessary.

- Remember: this too will pass. Just as it has many times before. Like the weather. Don’t fight it. Experience it.

- And, finally, I do one thing. Just that. Keep it simple. The next thing and no more.

Set out like that it looks straightforward. Sometimes, if The Funk gets a grip, it’s hard to see even that clearly.

But like you, I want to be well. Like you, this is my mind, and my life - my responsibility at the end of the day, albeit that we take any help we can. And like you, the journey is messy at times.

When the going get’s funky, we dance to that funky beat.

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