From the recording Fee Comes Fourth


He reads faster when he thinks that there's a sad part
Coming up in the book. Coz he wants to get past it.
So he misses out some words, or they miss him.
Like a bomb dropping from a plane, missing it's target.

I'm missing you, I'm missing you, I'm missing you
Though you're still here

Now the heroine's in danger, so he stares out of the window
Looking at this and that. The avoidance tactics.
He knows each story has an end, though it be fact or fiction.
And a plot that is not always that fantastic

I'm missing you etc.


So he closes up the book, and puts it back up on the shelf
Or somewhere else, that he won't remember soon.
Then his love walks through the door, and smiles to see him.
With her eyes open wide, like a silver november moon

I'm missing you etc

Though you're still here