From the recording Fee Comes Fourth


I don't like you, you annoy me
And you don't like me, coz I annoy you too
But we're together, feels like it's forever
Out the window, search the sky for better weather

It's amazing how you do your hair, oh yeah
And it's amazing that I still should care
Now move I'm trying to watch the football

I don't like you, you destroy me
And you don't like me, coz I destroy you too
But we're a twosome, feels like we could use some
Refereeing before things get too gruesome

It's amazing how your eyes do shine, summer wine
And it's amazing I still call you mine
Your on your own for Desperate Housewives

I don't like you x4

Take this piece of my mind, treat it well, go to hell
Take these complicated wedding bells
Ring them in the morning, ring them in the evening
Ring them when you're leaving
I heard sometimes it takes a lifetime

I don't like you
I don't like you
You're amazing
I don't like you