From the recording Fee Comes Fourth


Sometimes I cry in bed at night
No one hears, or turns on the light.
I think, therefore I cry, I cry, therefore I am
I cry because I give a damn.

When I surrender, the dawn arrives
And I forget, I survive.
And then to live, and then to try
To do my work and not to cry.

Man up, you say. I know you do.
There could be far worse things Happening to you.
And you'd be right, but life isn't long
And I don't always have to be strong

I stare into the emptiness of space
And I think of my smallness.
The stars that shone hope for me
died long ago and there is a vacuum
where once there was light.
Touch me if you are out there
And equally lost so that we can share comfort together
And fight this lonely moment
This dark night of the soul.
For I am weak where once I was strong
And I am broken where once I was whole.
I am voiceless where once I spoke
And my tears won't end.
Have mercy on me my fellow humans

Sometimes I cry in bed at night.