From the recording Fee Comes Fourth


You've hidden here you've hidden there, 
I couldn't find you anywhere
Or was it really me playing scarce? 
Memories aren't always so clear

And yet I've come to know your touch
Appreciated it so much
And now I'm longing for your tender kiss
Sunshine piercing the mist

We dined in style, in clothes so fine
With angels serving vintage wine
It seemed like there was only us in the crowded room
Essence of sweetest perfume

But delusions came and spoilt our fun
Little foxes on the run
They seem unstoppable and they surely can bite
And I feel to weak for the fight

You said you long to hear my voice
That God above gave you the choice
To love me forever without an end
But I've gone and lost you again.

Don't push Fate ahead of time
When there are so many mountains left to climb
Enjoy the cool fresh breeze, the sky above
Soon we will seal our love
Soon we will seal our love