Nothing Else Matters

It can undoubtedly be a frustration if our creative selves make something that we feel demands an audience, when that something doesn’t seem to get the audience we think it deserves. 

“Look at me!” 

But perhaps it’s an opportunity. Learning to persevere in the making of something, regardless of feedback or appreciation, recognition or applause is, possibly, the only way we can potentially make something  worth (other people) shouting about. 

When it’s just ourselves and the song or the poem, the sculpture or the painting. When nothing else, certainly not anybody’s opinion, matters.  When all of that can wait for another day. A day, perhaps, when it will have stopped mattering anyway. 

Of course in reality we rarely achieve that Zen level of perspective and attitude. But it’s a good mountain top to aspire to, if we want to find true joy in our creations.

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