ceilidh n. (originally) an informal social gathering among neighbours, often involving music and storytelling, etc; visit, chat, gossip; (from the twentieth century onwards) an organised evening of entertainment involving Scottish traditional dance, music and song. 

The ceilidh’s that happen now are not what they used to be. Most people thing of it as a Scottish dance in a big hall, like the country dance or barn dance in England and America.  Interesting entertainment especially if, like me, you don’t know the steps and are usually in the wrong place at the wrong time. 

But the old style Ceilidh’s were a lot more like a modern day Homesong is supposed to be. Local friends and neighbours meeting in a home to hear music and tell stories. 

Also entertaining, but more intimate, and far more rooted in community.

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  • Steve
    So true

    So true

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