It’s Just A Question

I’m excited about the Euro’s, which begin today. It’s a football tournament (also known as soccer, he says through gritted teeth) in case you are happily ignorant about such matters.

Yes. I’m excited about watching, on a television screen, men, many miles away, kicking a ball about. My foster son mocked me about that this morning, in the same way I tease him about actually “building” things on his computer Minecraft game.

But why is anything we value or enjoy doing, or watching, more important than something else?

Because if we are capable of finding joy in these objectively strange pastimes, perhaps we can also learn to find joy in the various activities that we see as a mere means to an end. Such as repeated physical exercise, or guitar practise, or chopping vegetables for dinner, or mowing the lawn, or…well, you get the drift.

After all, why, in all honesty, throw away any time at all in our lives upon activities we don’t enjoy?

Or, in other words, can we learn to enjoy everything?

It’s Just A Question. (To myself mainly, as always)

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