The Middle Finger

The middle finger on my right hand has morphed into a weird bent shape over the years. It doesn’t hurt.

The only thing I can put this minor deformation down to is the amount of time, during those years, that I have been bashing that right hand hard on the guitar strings while playing a tune. The Middle Finger always takes most of the hit.

Guitar-wise I describe myself as a chord basher. It’s self deprecatory. I’m probably a little more nuanced than that in reality, though not by much. But I always wince a little when I’m described as a musician. I do feel a bit of a fraud.

It’s true that I love songwriting and I’ve come to like performing. But, I’m sometimes still tempted to use a quote of “Bob Dylan” as spoken by his puppet on the satirical British comedy Spitting Image, whenever I pick up the old geetar to play to an audience.

”I’ve suffered for my art….now it’s your turn!”

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