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Hi Folks,

Thank you for supporting my music. Here is what I'd like you to share with you, in appreciation:

1. When I write a new song I'll record a warts and all early video recording for you to hear. They tend to come in a rush! You can help me choose which ones I go on to record.

2. I've been recording quality live recordings of myself playing my songs out and about in the wilds of Scotland. Some of these will be public on Youtube, but most of them will be for your eyes only!

3. I love writing songs for people. If you've got something -  a special occasion, an event, a place, a person...anything at all, that you'd like me to write a song about,  tell me about it. I'll use it as a source of inspiration. And if I do you will be the first person I send a video and lyric of the end result too. 

4. When it's safe to play Homesong Gigs again, you'll get priority if you want me to play a gig at your house (assuming I can get to you without too much trouble). I'll help you set it up. We'll put out a busking bucket on the night, and anyone who comes can put something in to support me. Homesong gigs are a great way to experience music.


My love to you.