Half Way Through

It comes around quicker every year.

In this case I’m speaking about the Kintyre Songwriters Festival. I’m playing tonight after a week of Mild Man Flu. Not completely over but I’m OK. And I’m looking forward to it. Not feeling nervous either, which is a new experience in itself.

But yeah, it’s clearly not coming around “quicker every year”.

That is a good old figure of speech referring, self referentially, to that sense of….well, being closer to the grave than I was when I was young, and death seemed such a long way off.

I’m writing all this with a smile on my face. I joke to my boys (inside I’m deadly serious!) that I won’t be leaving this mortal coil until I’m One Hundred and Eighteen. As I’ve just turned Fifty Nine, I’m actually only Half Way Through. Excellent! I’ve got the same amount of time left that I’ve just had, but with all those years of experience behind me.

Right … just gotta keep the ageing body on track and we’re good to go. LOL.

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