On my daily lunch time walk yesterday I saw a sparrow hawk (I think)  rise on the blustery wind, from the valley, up above the tree line to the height of the hill, in 3 or 4 seconds. Amazing. 



Morning Song


What if every answer 
to every question 
was being told to us 
by the chirp of the birds? 

Kim LeClair 

These are the sort of questions that could save us a lot of trouble I think.

And in answer…


A Leap Year?

We humans are creatures of habit and routine.  We don’t like change. Even those of us who say we like change are probably exaggerating. 

Mostly change, when it comes, is thrust upon us, and we are pretty good, as humans…


In The Midnight Hour

The HomeSongs4Life online gigs, like all the online music over the last year or so, was supposed to be a stop gap. 

But if anyone doubts the value these gigs have in their own right, then consider the conversation I…


Time Machine

Yesterday I read an interview with Billie Piper in The Big Issue. Billie accidentally stumbled into a short pop career when she was 15, although she really wanted to be the actor that she later became. Looking back she said: 


Homesongs: It's Not Rocket Science

I’m contemplating the possibility of organising a Homesong at our house. Maybe August.  I held about 30 before lockdown and it usually worked like this: 

I asked an artist (or an artist asked me) about setting up a date. We…


The Big Break

A friend recently reminded me of this wonderful little story: 

”Years ago, anthropologist Margaret Mead was asked by a student what she considered to be the first sign of civilisation in a culture. The student expected Mead to talk about…


A Year Without Song

Sometimes we go backwards to go forwards. For a long time I’ve written songs. Not daily, but regularly. Writing a song is a place of joy for me. 

But recently I decided to take a year off from even attempting…


Spring Is In The Air

Some performers have actually performed.

Not a digital, online thing (which has it own benefits, particularly when there is nothing else) but in the presence of real life, flesh and blood. 

It feels, almost, like Spring is in the air…