ceilidh n. (originally) an informal social gathering among neighbours, often involving music and storytelling, etc; visit, chat, gossip; (from the twentieth century onwards) an organised evening of entertainment involving Scottish traditional dance, music and song. 

The ceilidh’s that happen now…


Beehives And Termite Mounds

God, it’s good to hear somebody do something you can’t do. 

It can be a challenge, and it can be a source of frustration. It can simply be a source of joy and wonderment. 

Human’s are incredible in their diversity…



Part of the reason that I started this blog is because of a blog by Seth Godin. 

One of the subjects he riffs on a lot is that of generosity. And specifically a generosity that isn’t about what we get…

Silence Has A Sound 

Every fourth of the month, since forever, I’ve released a recording of an original song, produced with the brilliant assistance of Sam Hales. It goes out as a free download to my wee mailing list. 

As part of that my…


100 Today

This evening is  the 100th HomeSongs4Life set. It’s become more of a joy for me personally as time has gone on, and some of the technical glitches have gradually faded away. 

And we’re not going anywhere. That is to say…


Why Bother?

When there is already a Dylan, a Wonder, A Mitchell or a Bush … please pick your own more up to date references and obsessions … why bother with making or listening to new music? 

Well, as I sit on…


A Work In Progress

Exactly what a live Homesong is, and how it can work, is not set in stone. It’s a work in progress. I’ve said all along that a Homesong gig, fundamentally,  is a very simple thing. And that’s true. 

It started…


Make It Up As You Go Along

Painting by numbers is doing things the way they’ve always been done. There is no risk. 

True creation, though, is always a leap of faith. There is uncertainty about the outcome. It is by it’s very nature a place of…


1,000 Feet Underground

We songwriters are very lucky to live in this Internet Age. In the past most songs written, unless they happened to be the ones that got picked up and passed down, literally by word of mouth, would fade away, like…


Less Hats, More Songs?

Making things simpler is a good goal. 

For instance, in my dreamy brain, I imagine a situation where a performer who simply wants to perform their songs doesn’t also have to become: 

A social media guru. 

A (self) promoter. 



The Greatest Song

I saw this on a music related FB page: 

Write the greatest song ever written and watch it disappear in the world's music void, unheard. Steal one line from a song and use it and guaranteed some music hierarchy will


Bob Dylan And The Never Ending Tour

Bob Dylan turned 80 on monday. And he’s still writing, recording and performing. 

There are so many words that could be used to describe him, by those who love him ( like me) and those who claim to hate him.