Why Bother?

When there is already a Dylan, a Wonder, A Mitchell or a Bush … please pick your own more up to date references and obsessions … why bother with making or listening to new music? 

Well, as I sit on the other side of a screen listening, night after night, to fairly unknown original songwriters singing THEIR songs, I can answer that. 

There are songs being written and sung that you’ve never heard before, but perhaps you should have,  because they are being expressed in ways that Bob, or Stevie, or Joni, or Kate  could never have done. And yes, some of those songs, in my besotted opinion, can stand proudly alongside any of your favourites. 

They’re unique. And maybe one of these songs,  could grab your heart, your mind, or your feet, and take them to new places. 

Or simply let you know that you’re not alone.

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    So true! ☺

    So true! ☺

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