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Fee has been writing songs, honing his craft, and singing his own honest truth into the late night hours for a good while now. Sometimes wine or whisky were involved. More often there was a simple compulsion to  capture THAT emotion, in whatever words or music could be whispered, or sometimes dragged screaming, out of the deep, and mysterious pool of human connections and experience. Or then again, simply  getting a kick from finding a rhyme for lyrical dead ends such as, um, "chicken panini".
  Fee was born, named and raised as David Fee in Nottingham, England, but has lived for a number of years in Campbeltown, Kintyre, Scotland which is a truly  great place  for music and songwriting, with a thriving tradition in many musical genres. Here he has written his emotionally perceptive songs with a compassion, born of personal experience, for those who have found  that life can have a bloody knack of tripping a body up, anybody,  now and then.  His songs often start off in a vulnerable place, but are always on the look out for a snatch of hope that can shine a light towards a path which leads upwards and outwards. 

Sometimes he cracks jokes in songs that no-one notices. 

   Part of an extended clan consisting of  his own children and some whom he fosters (9 in total... all boys), along with his lovely  Dutch wife, Fee has been in the caring professions for most of his working life. When he isn't writing songs or singing them he loves spending time with his family and getting teased by The Boys; or going out walking  along the hills and coastlines of Kintyre. It has taken a while for him to be able to grasp the chance to get his songs out to a wider public, but that was always a bubble waiting impatiently to be burst. Now the pop has happened, there should be a steady flow of songs  breaking out over the coming years. Please make them your own. Songs are for sharing. 

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